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Enjoy the out of the box tailor fit, ready to wear from the first touch. Its special weave, carefully crafted into 280 GSM, snugs your baby in the softest, most comfortable embrace, moulding on its delicate body & shapes for a timeless babywearing journey.

ISARA Woven Wrap is very comfortable and snug for newborns, yet incredibly supportive for toddlers and preschoolers. It is recommended for a weight range between 8 lbs / 3.5 kg and 33 lbs / 15kg according to EU regulations and between 8 lbs / 3,5 kg and 48,5 lbs / 22 kg according to US regulations, tested and certified.

It is the most versatile babywearing option available on the market, as it is suitable for all body sizes with no adjustments between wearers or children, with an infinite number of types of carries and finishes, without any straps or buckles and an endless literature and tutorials available on how to use them, from a beginner’s level to a high level of expertise.

By choosing ISARA Woven Wraps you decide on wearing your little one in a type of carrier that was left as heritage by our grandparents, their parents and every parent from before; you choose to raise your child embraced in a tradition that lives within loving families since... forever!

It comes in a variety of sizes, discover yours by checking our SIZE GUIDE.

Woven wrap
100% organic cotton
Weave type
jacquard woven fabric
Personal Style
Business Casual

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