ISARA Toy Carrier GalaxSea


Wow your children with the cutest ISARA toy carrier GalaxSea!

It's the leap of joy and interactive delight for your little one that counts, and these adorable toy carriers prove it!

Pique the interest of your pre-pre-pre babywearing angels with a soon to become inseparable companion, made with love and extra care to fit even the tiniest teddy bear. When beloved dolls and toy friends await, ISARA toy carrier is there to give them a cuddly rest. With the included sleepy dust superpowers,  your little ones will carry their favorite toys to a magical fairyland without any fuss, in the blink of an eye.

 Your sweethearts will have a blast with these charming toy carriers and let’s face it parents: So will you!

Inspire their world and let them discover the closeness of babywearing by carrying their favorite toy friends!

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We are the most important role models for our babies. There is no greater responsibility for a parent than offering his children the best example... and how deep are the emotions that arise when we mirror in our children`s beautiful eyes and realize that we are the ones that built every ounce of the little miracle who looks at us with so much admiration!

The ISARA toy carrier GalaxSea comes to meet some of the most beautiful emotions that rise from the closeness between parents and children when they let themselves carried in the babywearing adventure!

With 100% cotton and double-sided/reversible prints, these child-sized carriers are simply too cute and made just for the little ones in our lives. Now the little one, siblings, cousins, neighbors can wear their “babies”... which often take the form of their beloved stuffed dog, teddy bear, or baby doll.

Don`t worry, it is adjustable so that the child feels comfortable while playing with his new favorite accessory.

The ISARA Toy Carrier GalaxSea can be used for front, back and hip carry.

The ISARA Toy carrier has been tested on kids starting at age 7 months up to 10 years, and we will let you know a little secret... they even fit on our adult models!

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