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We often say that once a baby is born, so is a parent and our growing together slogan is rooted in this belief.

Babies grow in the womb with all needs satisfied in a second, as there is no hunger, no coldness, no aggressive lights or noises. Parents carry on with their lives, knowing that the baby is growing in safety in the womb. But once the baby starts the journey on Earth, everything changes. EVERYTHING.

The Stretchy Wrap is known as the best baby product there is on the market for the 4th trimester, even for premature babies.

It comes with a great elasticity that offers a snuggly fit and while keeping the baby close you can respond easily to all its needs, synchronizing your bodies just like in the womb, regulating the temperature, increasing the milk supply and decreasing the pain caused by colic and reflux. And don't forget that, while this miracle happens, you have hands free to carry on with your life while carrying your little one in your embrace.

In ISARA Stretchy Wrap, your baby is WELL-NESTED OUTSIDE THE WOMB, is nourished and protected, in the softest nest, right next to your heart.

You and your baby deserve this fabric. Softer and cooler than cotton, the ISARA Stretchy Wraps are made of a very special and unique buttery soft fiber, called TANBOOCEL BAMBOO that come with the most amazing properties a parent can ask for:

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  • TEMPERATURE and moisture REGULATION - a great balance suitable for any weather; Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times faster than cotton. In warm humid weather bamboo fibers help wearers stay dry, cool and more comfortable as the fabric doesn’t stick to the skin;
  • BACTERIOSTATIC features - Bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial and antifungal, as they have an bacteriostatic agent called “bamboo kunh” that prevents odor-producing bacteria from growing and spreading;
  • UV protection - It blocks harmful UV radiations, being one of the most effective forms of protection against sun damage.
  • COMPACT size - It is extremely light and small when folded, so it can be placed in any small bag as the go-to babywearing solution;
  • Lookalike FLUID TEXTURE; Bamboo fibers have a smooth and round structure that is very soft, non-irritating to the skin.
  • No guess tying 4WAY STRETCH - The instant snug feature given by the 4way stretch, makes it super easy to set up, even for rookie beginners. It offers a snug fit for newborns in seconds and supports bigger sturdies babies just as well.
  • ONE SIZE fits ALL - It takes the shape it touches in an instant, folding naturally around every curve and any body shape, feeling just like second nature.
  • ORGANIC, ECOLOGIC AND NATURAL - No pollution is involved in the processing of this fabric and it can be recycled!

The fabric surpasses all sustainability requirements:

The TANBOOCEL bamboo fibers that the ISARA Stretchy Wraps are made of are ECOLOGICAL, as they come from nature to offer benefits to mankind, then they go back into the nature.
The basic condition of the ECOLOGICAL feature is that the resource can be regenerated without pollution in the processing of the first matter or to the human body as a final product.
The products can be degraded naturally, without pollution to the environment. Bamboo, as raw material, has a short period of growth of 2-3 years, so it regenerates fast and easily, with a minimum impact on the flora and fauna.
The products used in the processing of the raw material can be recycled, whilst the TANBOOCEL BAMBOO FIBER is biodegradable, therefore they meet the criteria of sustainability.

ISARA Stretchy Wraps are tested and certified according to EU regulations CEN/TR 16512:2015 suitable for wearing babies from 3kg (6,6lbs) - 50cm up to 12kg (26,5lbs) - 80cm.

It comes in one size, suitable for any body shape.

ISARA Stretchy Wraps come in a biologic bag, so the packaging impact is minimum

Stretchy wrap
One size
95% bamboo, 5% spandex
Personal Style
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