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ISARA QuickTie is a wonderful combination of a soft structured carrier and a woven wrap, with a simple philosophy that offers you the beauty of a woven wrap with its endless unique fancy ties and flexibility, while still enjoying the structure of a baby carrier.
It is THE BEST ALTERNATIVE TO A WOVEN WRAP and it truly raises up to this statement.
Equipped with a #patentpending QUICK ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM it gives you just enough structure so that you don’t have to be a wrapping expert to be able to feel the amazingness that a woven wrap tie up has to offer. You can adjust both the height and the width of the carrier IN ONE SINGLE STEP, in one single place, at the waist belt. QUICK and easy! Then you just have to let the woven wrap straps do their magic!
Everything on ISARA QuickTie whispers comfort.
☑ The broad woven fabric shoulder straps can be easily wrapped in a way that ensures comfort. They can be easily widened across your shoulders to change the dynamic of your baby’s weight balance and wrapped around your baby in many ways for extra bottom support or a wider, deeper seat. The flexibility of the woven wrap straps is amazing, as they can be wrapped and knotted just like you and your baby need them, while still ensuring a perfect fit.
☑ It has an adjustable 2 in 1 detachable hood that can be placed up for sun and wind protection or extra head support while the child is asleep, or rolled down at the base of the baby's neck for additional head support, needed especially for small babies.
☑ Each woven strap has a 3-points catching system of the hood that helps you attain easily the height needed for a proper head and neck support for infants. It can also be placed at different heights on each strap, for an asymmetrical result.
It can be used for front, hip or back carry.
ISARA QuickTie is created to comfortably wear your baby from infancy up to reaching toddlerhood, body size between 50 cm to 98 cm long (19.7 inches and 38.6 inches).

Adjustable baby carriers
One size
Size of the child
Min. 50 cm - Max. 98 cm
Body panel width (seat length)
Min. 16 cm - Max. 42 cm
Body panel height
Min. 30 cm - Max. 45 cm
Weave type
sateen woven fabric
Light grey
Personal Style

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