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ISARA Quick Half Buckle Carrier takes the best from both worlds: it has an adjustable buckle waist belt where you can adjust both the height and the width simultaneously and it gets completed by the most amazing long woven straps, partially padded for more comfort, that keeps your imagination free for endless unique fancy ties.

Equipped with a #patentpending QUICK ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM it offers you the possibility to adjust both the height and the width IN ONE SINGLE STEP, in one single place, at the waist belt, carefully guiding you through every stage of his growing. QUICK and easy!

From the broad, partially padded and crossable woven fabric shoulder straps to additional padding around leg-opening, everything is made for enhanced comfort, imbued with organic goodness.

The premium, lightweight memory foam waist belt is set to decrease backache during carrying and the 2-in-1 detachable and adjustable hood can be rolled up and down or placed under the baby's neck for additional head support.

We're here for you, every front, hip and back "carry" of the day. Because real-life situations need a QUICK baby carrier, so you can hug your little one in a heartbeat at any time of the day in maximum woven comfort.

Adjustable baby carriers
One size
Size of the child
Min. 50 cm - Max. 98 cm
Body panel width (seat length)
Min. 16 cm - Max. 42 cm
Body panel height
Min. 30 cm - Max. 45 cm
Weave type
sateen woven fabric
Personal Style
Bohemian Feminine

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