You are eager to become part of the babywearing comunity, but you don't know which carrier is the right one for you and your growing baby, and choosing one is a real challenge?

Why choose the ISARA Stretchy Wrap?

ISARA Stretchy Wrap adapts to every child, and one size fits all, no matter the age of the child or the parent's stature.

And if you are the happy parent of twins, the ISARA Stretchy Wrap gives you the possibility to carry two babies at the same time, the only thing that you have to have to change is the way you place your babies.

On the other hand, it is a multi-functional product, and besides carrying, if needed, you can use it as a blanket as well, or as a pillow when you leave home; and if you are a creative person, you can build a tent or a play track or origami! It is the product that you definitely need to have with you when you go on holiday, in a trip or just for a walk, because you never know when you will need it.

The baby Wrap is the product that many parents consider the most useful babywearing accessory purchased for their baby, thanks to its versatility.

We are happy that you have chosen the ISARA Stretchy Wrap!

For us, Your comfort and your baby`s comfort are the most important, that is why we offer you some recommendations that will transform your experience with the ISARA Stretchy Wrap in one of the most wonderful experience.

When you use the ISARA Stretchy Wrap for the first time, make sure that:

- the baby's face is visible, and the fabric does not block the baby's mouth and nose in any way;

- the knees are above the bottom level, and the child has a frog-like position or an M-shaped position;

- the fabric is very tight (pulled very tight) from one of the baby's knee to the other;

- the middle part of the wrap (the printed part) sustains the baby's back and shoulders, and the spine is rounded;

- the baby's bottom is at the level/above the parent's bellybutton.



We recommend washing the product before the first use in water temperature below 30 degrees and ironing it at medium temperature.

Warning! The ISARA Stretchy Wrap print should not be ironed!