This years` theme for the European Babywearing Week is “Safe in my arms” and regardless of its translation in each country, I think we`re all seeing the same image of arms wrapped around a baby, just like a protection hug.

Celebrated between the 3rd and 9th of May, this is a reminder of the place where babies belong especially in their first months of life.

At first, when in the womb, the babies are protected so that they could develop and prepare themselves for the outside world. After birth, they continue to need to be protected even more, because the new world can sometimes be too noisy, too cold, too hot, too uncomfortable. That`s why staying in their mothers` arms can be the only thing acceptable and comforting.

Having a baby carrier that provides the need to be close to their parents is an awesome option, for which parents are very grateful. Not only do they care close for their child, but also get free hands, so much needed especially in the first months with the baby at home.

And while the parents consider themselves lucky to have such aid from a baby carrier, the newborn is feeling cared for, nurtured, and protected by the ones who he had heard and listened to, even before he was born. It`s a continuity of a habit he`d learned from his mother, and that is the sense of security.

It is a well-known fact that mothers also develop an extra sense for protecting the little being that is so sensitive and helpless. No matter the circumstances, every time a baby cries or needs attention, the first gesture is to offer the arms for calming down and for offering the protection the baby needs.


The best hugs are the ones with the whole arms around the little body who calms down when hearing the heartbeat of the mother, where everything is so familiar: the voice, the smell, the touch.

This is the best promise a parent can make to their baby: that they`ll always be safe in their arms!