Do you remember your life before children? How easily plans were made and how spontaneous you embarked on any adventure as a couple. Just a backpack with some of your stuff some of your partners` and off you went for a couple of days. I miss those times…

Now the internet keeps rolling a saying for the parents (which hurts because it`s so true): just like when we were younger, once again we need permission from our parents to leave for a few days (if they agree to look after the children for a day or two – bless them!).

And now with the whole pandemic situation, we find ourselves as couples with not too many options if we want to celebrate Valentine`s day, alone with the partner. And I felt frustrated when this kind of plans didn`t work out as I wanted. Until I reached over a post on Facebook where parents were asked how they celebrated it this year. Surprisingly, most of the parents answered that they would prepare heart-shaped cookies and cards, along with their kids, have a fancy meal with the little ones, and maybe catch a movie later, just the two of them, after they had put the kids to bed. And that sounded so comforting… I mean, not only that they were not able to go out to celebrate, but they were happy to get the children involved and show them how easy love can be celebrated.

They convinced me that we can adjust so well to many situations, and most of what we consider to be frustrations can be turned into positive thoughts. 💗

So, I decided to tell my children about what Valentine`s means, show them how many ways of expressing love there can be and how wonderful it feels to love and to show it.