Over the years, we have met so many wonderful people, whether they were babywearing consultants, or simply babywearing enthusiasts, all of them taught us something and we cherish all the bonds and friendships we created with them.

We decided to ask them a few questions about their babywearing journey, and they happily joined.

Vivien is, just like her name, a very vivid person, so lovely to chat with, and an awesome brand ambassador. She`s a mother to two adorable children, an amazing fitness instructor, and an example of a healthy lifestyle.

We asked her a few babywearing related questions, to which she happily replied:

ISARA: How did your babywearing adventure start?

VIVIEN: When I was pregnant with my first baby, 4 years ago, I decided that I will be carrying her, so when she was 6 weeks old I started with a stretchy wrap. It was love at first trial, and my baby was a big “mom-sticker” (as I used to call her), so I carried her almost every day and I bought a woven wrap and from this point, I became irreversible an advocate for babywearing and wraps.

I: What kind of carrier did you use as a beginner?

V: At first a stretchy wrap, weeks later a woven wrap, and a few months later a ring sling, and when my baby started walking I bought an SSC carrier

I: How did you hear about ISARA and what was your first impression of the brand?

V: I heard about ISARA from Facebook. I don’t know exactly where, because I’m in a lot of babywearing groups and follow many pages but when I saw it, I thought “it’s cool”. And when I saw the ambassador program I applied for it immediately because I wanted to try it and it didn’t disappoint me.

I: Which ISARA carriers have you tested so far? Which one you liked the most and why? Which ISARA carrier you`d like to also test?

V: I tested the ISARA Quick Half Buckle Diamonda Northern Lights carrier. I liked it because it’s quick, it was so soft and easy to wrap as soon as I got it out from the box, I could cozily breastfeed in it and last but not least it’s beautiful.

I: What would the perfect carrier look like?

V: If I use SSC or half buckle carrier I like and I specifically search if they are adjustable. For appearance, I like colorful and gradient wraps and carriers. My favorite colors in carriers are turquoise, purple, green, and their hues.

I: How do you see babywearing in the future?

V: I think it will be always needed for humanity since babywearing was always part of our lives, and because babywearing is one of the best friends for mommies.


Thank you, Vivien, for sharing your thoughts with us.