ISARA Philodendra Ring Sling


ISARA Philodendra ring sling is made with 100% pure organic cotton (GOTS certified). It’s a medium weight (280 gsm) fabric, woven in a jacquard weave. Super-soft, easy to care for and wonderful to wrap with. A great option for a newborn and just as great for toddlers.

ISARA Philodendra ring sling has a unique inflorescence and distinctive design, harmoniously combining the pure green accents. The top side is the attractive lime green, while the other side is the warm cream colour.

The ISARA ring sling is a woven wrap ring sling with a softly gathered shoulder. Love and snug your baby in this wonderful ISARA Philodendra ring sling.


  • easy to care for and wonderful to wrap with;
  • made from our beautiful woven wraps;

  • super soft and precious fabric;

  • supportive and comfortable for newborns and toddlers;

  • fast and easy-to-use;

  • gathered shoulder style;

  • recommended weight range between 8 lbs/ 3.5 kg and 48.5 lbs/ 22kg;

  • top quality certified sling rings;

  • allows front, hip and backcarries (only an option for more experienced babywearers with bigger kids)

  • easy to adjust the height to allow breastfeeding when the baby is in the ring sling;

  • 2 year guarantee;


The ISARA Ring Slings are available in two sizes, size 1 (S,M,L) and size 2(XL-XXL). But the ring slings are very versatile, both sizes will fit most wearers.

Size 1: 195cm on the short side and 207 cm on the long side.
Size 2: 220cm on the short side and 232 cm on the long side.

Care Instructions:
Wash up to 40 C, low spin, gentle cycle.

*Please note: The pattern’s placement in this wrap conversion ring sling may differ.

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