The circle of love

My perfection. My balance. My everything.

This is you.

When I wake up tired, without the mood of getting out of bed, there you are, with your eyes wide open, looking at me with excitement, ready for a new day. Spent with me. And that’s all I need to keep me energized all day long.

When my day goes bad, your smile brings in the sunshine. If it rains, I don’t care if I’m getting soaking wet as long as I keep you warm, because I know that you’ll laugh at my sight. You make every bad moment seem the most beautiful in the world!

If the food I’m getting ready gets burned, I know you won’t be upset, because a bar of cereals will make just as happy as long as I’m with you.

I look at you and I see perfection. I see everything that I ever needed in order to feel complete. There are no sharp edges in my life because you’ve made it a PERFECT CIRCLE.

For the night, there's a day; for me, it’s you!

The perfect circle. This is our inspiration.

ISARA. Growing together.


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