Love at the first kick

It was a warm day of June.

The sky was clear and bright and the stars seemed so close that somehow you could almost feel that you can reach them.

It was their first walk under the stars since the moment they found out they were expecting their first baby. The baby was their talisman of love. Love as they knew it at that time.

The night was so magical that their heart filled instantly with so much love that they felt that if they scream of happiness it would be so loud that the whole galaxy would hear it.

The closeness, the bond, all the emotions had risen to heights they could never imagine they could reach. It was like all the galaxies worked together to prepare for something special... and then it happened: the baby kicked for the first time!

The whole galaxy watched how their love grew instantly, and ever since, every time they look up in the sky they find themselves back in time, in that special moment.

Standing there, embraced, they discovered what true love is all about. Love will never be the same. It gets bigger. More intense. More beautiful with each day. A new galaxy was born!

Now, they get to carry their baby in ISARA Galaxy, close to mommy's heart, just like during that special night. But this time, he gets to see the beautiful sky. A night to remember. A galaxy of emotions rising, every time they wear their little one.


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