Hold hands... never let go!

For centuries people have tried to give scientifical explanations to human feelings. We tend to keep finding best words and phrases to express how we feel. Well, apparently it’s an ongoing situation, as new phrases and words seem to take shape of happiness, joy, sadness, anger, satisfaction, and all the other feelings that make us special. Of all these, LOVE definitely conquers the tops. Still, it is when we burst with love and realize that words simply cannot cover the unlimited feeling, that we take gestures to their real value. There are so many ways of showing love and care: hugs, kisses, laughter, dancing together...holding hands! Yes, holding hands!

In the chaos and agitation of the first months with our newborn baby at home, all our attention (mine and my husband’s) was redirected towards our loved little one, often forgetting or being too tired to reconnect. When we were planning the baptism of the baby and had to run with different chores just the two of us, we found ourselves alone after some time, and our first gesture was to hold hands, no words, just hold hands. Overwhelming, I’m telling you! 
That moment we realized that hands can be held while carrying our baby, also close to the beating of our hearts. So there it is, the circle of love, never letting it go, no fancy words, no poetry, just pure love.

No wonder baby carrying and love go hand-in-hand.

Carry kids with love, hold hands forever!


mommy in love of a sweet 3 and a half years old boy


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