The ISARA THE ONE full buckle is a multi-adjustable carrier. While it may be considered a complex carrier, this is perfectly justified considering the fact that it was created in such a manner that all types of body configuration could wear this carrier and it would be suitable from birth and all ages in between, up until 5-6 years old.

Parents are always advised to read the instructions booklet first and check each feature of the carrier before putting the baby in.

The adjustments should be done in accordance with the baby`s age and size. With a newborn both the straps and the seat belt should be narrowed to the minimum, and they will be extended inch by inch, as the child grows.

First things first: when receiving the carrier and you want to wear a newborn or a small baby, make sure you first remove the seat extenders.  There is a little hidden hook that keeps them attached to the panel and the lower part can be removed or reattached to the velcro side easily. After the extenders have been removed, the straps and the seat belt can be adjusted using the buckles on the straps and the velcro on the seat belt.

In order to obtain the perfect adjustment, we have created a How to adjust the ISARA tutorial which shows every step of this process.

And to better understand each step of the adjustment, you`ll find below the images with how the carrier should NOT  look like and how it SHOULD look like.


Always make sure that the shoulder straps and the panel are well adjusted to fit the size of your baby.

The panel should not cover the head of the baby, the breathing should not be compromised.








Always remove the leg extenders if the size of the baby doesn`t request them to be used.

Make sure that the panel supports the back of the baby and is not too loose. If needed, tighten the buckles on the panel.








Always pass the buckles under the elastic. It`s an extra safety measure that ensures the buckled strap to remain in the same place.

Make sure you pass the buckle under the elastic both for the waist belt and for the shoulder straps.




All the features of the ISARA The One carrier are presented in the instructions booklet and the ways to be adjusted are intuitive, but assistance is constantly offered if needed, via e-mail, Messenger, or social media.