Kindness is the essence of life. We cherish and support it. With all our hearts…
We like to thank, not for something that has been done for us, but what others have done for others… without expecting anything in return.
We know that only by offering you can receive. Maybe not today, but someday, in one form or another. It’s just like a boomerang. It always comes back. You deliver kindness. You receive kindness.
Offer kind words. You’ll receive them back in return. Maybe not from the same person, not the day you want it, but from someone else, on the day that you will then realize you needed it most…
Offer small nice gestures. And one day, someone will offer it back to you. A different nice gesture, but as meaningful as the one you offered.
This is what we call kindness. It can take all kind of forms. Be kind. Be supportive. Cherish kindness. Help other how you can. When you can.

We are grateful that we could support during last year 6 foundations that are guided by these principles.

„One by One” Association (Asociația ”Unu și Unu” ) is the voice of premature hospitalized babies in Romania. As a member of the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants, their mission is to increase babies’ health through prevention programs by increasing population’s knowledge regarding the importance of health care. They built the foundation of a healthy society and that’s something that we’ll always be grateful for.

SAMAS Association is dedicated to informing young parents regarding the importance of nutrition during infancy. They know how essential breastfeeding is, that’s why one of their main objectives is to increase the breastfeeding rate among young parents. Natural childbirth is also one of their principles. Going back to natural habits, how beautiful!

”Save the children” (”Salvati copiii”) is the heart of some of the most full of impact campaigns. They provide hospitals with the needed technology in order to support premature babies and run all sort of campaigns of prevention. Their results are remarkable and over the years many children were saved because of their pure kindness.

Noe’s Arch (”Arca lui Noe”) is an Association that brings all the attention towards human’s best friends: dogs. Because dogs also need a best friend. Here they have it. Love and attention, besides the essentials for a healthy, happy life.

”Children’s forest” (”Padurea copiilor”) is a project with a strong educational impact. Its aim is the love for nature. Its purpose is to bring back all the green on the world map, by planting forests and raising awareness towards how important nature is.

January has passed and we always call it the trial month, when we gather all our fulfilled dreams from the passing year and cherish each one of them. We’ve had an amazing year. It has been lovely meeting each one of these Associations and we’re happy to see that this world is more and more focused on kindness. Because, remember, this is the essence of life.